Sunday, July 1, 2012

Free to Fly Quilt

This is my newly completed quilt I've named "Free to Fly".  The inspiration comes from the birds in the Valori Wells fabrics used in the quilt.  I decided to take these fabrics along with several scrap fabrics and start sewing them in strips.  There was no pattern, no rules, no perfection allowed for this quilt.  It was meant to be a time to try new techniques and just enjoy the fabrics and the time quilting.  I too often get stuck on the metho
ds and imperfections in my work.  Maybe it's a part of my upbringing, or maybe it stems from my own feelings of inadequacies.  At any rate I found that I had to remind myself through out the project that "it didn't have to be perfect".  Although I do confess that I did use the seam ripper on one corner of the quilt.
I enjoyed practicing free motion machine quilting which I have been learning to do in more detail through Leah Day's tutorials.

      The name of the quilt, "Free to Fly" came to me as I thought about my aunt Cindy and uncle Roger who both passed away from cancer in recent years.  Just like the birds in my quilt they are free to fly in heaven without the burdens of their sick bodies they left on earth.  I felt even more freedom to let go of my imperfections and just create this quilt. I hope you enjoy creating something of your own today.

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